The Council of Australian Therapeutics Advisory Groups (CATAG) is an authoritative, expert, consensus-based collaboration of representatives from all Australian State and Territory Therapeutic Advisory Groups or their jurisdictional committee equivalents.

CATAG aims to improve the use of medicines in Australian hospital practice and across transitions of care through information sharing, advice and advocacy activities.

Strategic Goals 2014-2017

  • To facilitate and support member jurisdictions, through an effective communication and information sharing network, to ensure a strategically high-level cohesive approach to therapeutic issues of national importance.
  • To provide, expert, consensus-based and focused collaboration with new and existing strategic partners across Australia for the purpose of maximising influence on medicines policy and practice.
  • To strive towards equity of access to safe, cost-effective and affordable medicines nationally through the development of resources to guide decision-making processes at the local level.

Terms of Reference

Download CATAG Terms of Reference in Adobe PDF format

History and Funding

The first Joint Meeting of the Therapeutics Advisory Groups was held in February 2005.

The purpose of collaborating was:

  • Sharing information relevant to the work of the TAGs (e.g. minutes, reports, guidelines)
  • Collaborating on projects of mutual interest (e.g. national potassium survey, Australian version of ISMP Self Assessment Tool, CAPTION study)
  • Developing joint strategies to address common problems (e.g. high cost drugs, pharmaceutical stock shortages)
  • Creating better access to data and information resources for local hospitals
  • Seeking solutions to common issues through collaboration with national groups, such as the NPS MedicineWise, the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (APAC), the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), the National Medicines Policy Committee, Medicines Australia and others.
  • Highlighting issues related to the work of the TAGs to government (State and Commonwealth) and developing advice to Health Ministers regarding these issues
  • Developing clear communication strategies regarding quality use of medicines issues both internally (i.e. between the TAGs) and externally.

The name “Council of Australian Therapeutics Advisory Groups” was formally adopted in September 2008.

CATAG is funded by NPS MedicineWise together with in kind resources provided by the CATAG member organisations.

Core Activities

Our core activities include:

  • Information sharing
  • Development of advice
  • Shared guidance and position statements
  • Presentations
  • Correspondence
  • Submissions
  • Statements of support
  • Representation on external committees: CATAG has representatives on the following committees:
  • Drug Utilisation Sub Committee (DUSC) of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
  • ACSQHC Medicines Reference Group
  • ACSQHC Health Services Medicines Expert Advisory Group
  • ACSQHC Anti-Microbial Stewardship Committee




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